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We are constantly looking for new solutions and synergies, thus widening the range of our artistic expression. For a long time we imagined creating a group of professionals who would share our foundational values and join us in perpetuating traditional work techniques from Lombardy.
This is how the Collegio Mastri Comacini was born. The name we chose clearly expresses our identity as a group with the shared intent of establishing a connection between ancient masters and our way of making art in the third millennium. Together we launched a multidisciplinary project, which ranges from the actual artistic and decorating work to activities aimed at spreading knowledge about traditional Italian crafts.
Our shared goal is to highlight crafts and techniques which were handed down from one generation to the next, thanks to their timeless qualities. Our talents and skills complement each other, and together we offer a complete package when it comes to interior and exterior finishes and decors.
As the Collegio Mastri Comacini, we master a variety of techniques: hot-iron polished stucco (Stucco Lustro), scagliola, graffiti, patterned accents, putty lime stucco, trompe l'oeil, gold plating and much more. We use all of these both in restoration projects, for which we can provide all the required chemical and physical analyses, and in the public and private residential sector.

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